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Marcel Sarmiento is an award winning Producer, Writer and Director of motion pictures and commercials. Two of his films have premiered at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival, in 2008 and 2012.


His segment for the ABC’s Of Death, “D is Dogfight”, had the New York Times praise, “A mesmeric, slow-motion ballet of brutality,” while the Village Voice added, “A marvel of suggestion that’s the movie’s visual high point”, and SIGHT ON SOUND called it “One of the Greatest Horror Anthology Film Segments of All Time.”


Marcel’s coming-of-age horror feature, “Deadgirl”, which premiered at the 2008 Toronto Film Festival electrified audiences, with many calling it “the worst film dared to be made”, but others like The Boston Globe calling it “one of the Top 10 zombie movies of all time”. Ain’t it Cool News added, “The thing’s pretty much fucking brilliant.” Tony Moore, creator of THE WALKING DEAD wrote “Very few of the old tropes at play. A solid indie. Thumbs WAY up.”


While attending NYU, Marcel collaborated on a series of Off-Broadway plays including “Birth and After Birth” starring “Rent” headliner Anthony Rapp and Robert Sean Leonard, as well as the “Impossibility of Romantic Relationships in the Final Minutes of the Twentieth Century” with Ethan Hawke.


Marcel also assisted David Lynch, as he developed a precursor to “Twin Peaks” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with composer Angelo Badalamenti, starring Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage.


After moving to Los Angeles, Marcel optioned a screenplay to the producer of  “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and was invited into the FOX SEARCHLIGHT director’s lab.


There he wrote and directed “It’s Better to be Wanted For Murder, Than Not to Be Wanted At All,” starring Zooey Deschanel and Marco Leonardi. Next he directed his first feature, “Heavy Petting”, a funky and absurd comedy starring Malin Akerman, Brendan Hines, and Kevin Sussman.


Marcel’s next feature, “Faceless”, is currently in post-production, and he is developing a project with Jason Blum of BLUMHOUSE for 2016. Along with Todd Robbins and others, Marcel co-authored a book, “The Modern Conman: How to Get Something For Nothing”, currently at a bargain price for under seven bucks at Amazon, and the many discount bins of finer bookstores worldwide.